WGI Color Guard Series: Technique Class - Sabre

871-WGI Sabre FUNdamentals Download
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Master the sabre with Rosie Queen as she takes you from “zero to tosses” in this sabre technique class. Learn the technique needed to spin and toss, as well as exercises designed to increase wrist flexibility and broaden your portfolio of sabre choreography options.
Sabre Assembly 
Starting Position
Right Spins
Left Spins 
Spins with Body
Spins and Stops
Track Exercise
Push Hits
Blade Toss
Hilt Toss
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1920 X 1080 video download. A link will be emailed after purchase. 
2 part video
File Size: Part 1 - 345 MB   Part 2 - 409 MB   Total  755 MB 
Length: 1 hr 7 minutes
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