DVD - Flag Fundamentals



WGI Flag FUNdamentals DVD

Featuring Rosie Miller of Pride of Cincinnati

Have fun with flag fundamentals! Train your students with the most current techniques. Class is about to begin with guest clinician Rosie Miller whose extensive teaching background makes this process your best investment in a bright future for your flag line. Rosie has worked with nationally acclaimed groups for over 20 years including The Pride of Cincinati, The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, and Aimachi from Nagoya, Japan. This 75 minute video is easy to follow, detailed and guaranteed to set you on the road to success.

Chapters Included on DVD:
1. Introduction
2. Flag Reference
3. Drop Spins
4. Adding Lower Body
5. Hand to Hand Moves
6. Flips
7. Combining Exercises
8. Carving
9. Spin & Stops
10. Spins & Stops with Body
11. Tosses


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