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10 Gifts for Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds Performers

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for your friends or family members, you’re not alone. It’s hard! You want to get a gift they’ll love, but you might not be sure what they want. Maybe you’re on a budget. Either way, it’s no surprise that many shoppers finish their shopping list with…

If that’s you, we’ve got your back. Want to know what your color guard friend wants? Not sure what your crazy percussion friends are looking for? Trying to figure out what trumpet players like? You’ve come to the right place. After all, this is where they shop!

We’ve gone through our best-selling items for the past year and put together a fail-proof gift guide. Our suggestion: just get one of everything and call it day. You’re welcome.

1. WGI Holiday Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This was a huge hit this year. If you’re looking for the coolest “ugly sweater”, look no further. WGI fans everywhere have been clamoring for this shirt. It’s an easy choice for gift-givers.

2. Educational DVDs and digital downloads

Who better to learn from than the experts? These educational DVDs and digital downloads are a fun way for winter guard and percussion performers to hone their craft.

3. Patches and pins

If you’re a winter guard performer (or parent), then you know how many hours of work go into each performance. Performers want a way to commemorate that, which is why official WGI patches and pins are consistently some of our best-selling products.

4. WGI Water Bottle

This is THE water bottle for any sportster in your life. Its unique 2-way opening makes cleaning or adding ice a breeze, and the double-wall construction means no sweating! Your hands stay dry!

5. WGI Track jacket

Just because this is an indoor sport doesn’t mean it’s not still freezing outside. World Championships in Dayton in the middle of April are no joke. Heck, Power Regionals in March can be just as brutal. The moral of the story? Your friends want a jacket. Trust us.

6. WGI Backpack (Online Exclusive)

You can only get this backpack online, so even if your friend has been to several WGI events, it will still be a special gift. The backpack is full of pockets and is made for comfort.

7. WGI Beanie

Everyone looks cool in a beanie. Just look at this model! Doesn’t she look cool? Maybe that’s why this one is a top seller.

8. WGI Drumline Achieve T-Shirt

If you’re in color guard and aren’t sure what your drumline friends want, just get this t-shirt. It’s easy! What do drumline members like? Drumline! Cross it off your list.

9. WGI Performance ¼ zip T-Shirt

Once your friends slip into this super-comfortable shirt, they’re going to instantly love it. The moister-wicking performance fabric keeps you dry no matter what the weather is like. It’s a best-seller for a reason.

10. Performance Hoodie

If a jacket isn’t your friend’s style, go for this hoodie. It’s the ultimate in comfort and has the same moisture-wicking fabric as the ¼ Zip T-Shirt, but in a much warmer garment.

In all seriousness, you can also buy a store gift card. It's super-simple and you can buy them in any dollar amount. 

See, who says gift-shopping has to be difficult?